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Every industry has its flaws. No matter what sector or organization you work for, you are likely to find inklings of drama or disagreements. While this is not uncommon, it is something that can have a negative impact on the work environment. Unfortunately, occurrences of nepotism are being heavily reported in the British film industry. Sadly, there are many industries that see favoritism. Although there are no strict laws in place, there are efforts industry leaders can make in order to suppress these claims.


Earlier this year, two members of the film community pointed out the lack of diversity within. The two women noticed that everyone that they came across in “the biz” was hired for purely knowing someone already in the industry. After catching wind of such discrepancies, the Work Foundation decided to collect data on the topic. The leader of the data collection was Heather Carey, who stated that clean nepotism occurs within the film industry. Many of the people who Carey met among her endeavors openly claimed to have hired and recruited staff solely through word of mouth. While this type of scenario is somewhat status quo for the entertainment industry, it still shows that room for change must come soon.


Through her research, Carey sparked a movement. A producer for the James Bond movies, Brenda Broccoli, stepped up to chair the movement towards change. She was one of the two women who first realized the industry was tainted. The movement has now helped to develop an action plan, which was recently submitted to the UK culture secretary, Karen Bradley. There were many staggering results from Carey’s data collection which, in turn, helped the action plan consist of change to come in steps forward. Here are a few of the noteworthy findings;


  • Only 3% of the film industry workforce is from a minority background


  • Women are 40% of the industry and are paid an average of £3,000 less than their male counterparts


  • Finding work is hard unless you are from a privileged background. Thus, the average unpaid work experience for someone is 46 days until they get their first official paying position.


The results of this audit were extremely troubling for many. People should start paying attention to Broccoli. She along with other industry pioneers such as Lucasfilm (group behind the Star Wars movies) are ready to make their mark in diversifying. The group has already started by initiating a training program for individuals up and coming in the film industry. The current training class consists of 28 individuals with diverse backgrounds and cultures. Hopefully, more icons in the industry will take note from Lucasfilms and Brenda Broccoli. They will work tirelessly to salvage and embrace the diversity in professional industries around the world.