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Throughout history, the British have more than made their mark on the film industry. From directors to world-renowned actors, many have crossed the pond in hopes of making it big in Hollywood. In the last installment of this blog series, we highlighted Alfred Hitchcock, one of the movie business’ most famous directors. The next noteworthy film guru accredited Hitchcock for much of his success and inspiration. Making his directorial debut almost 20 years ago, Christopher Nolan has more than earned a spot on my list of acclaimed film professionals.

Born in London to an American mother and British father, Nolan found his passion for film at the age of 8. As he got older he found a continued interest in the hobby of film making. Upon permanently moving to the United States, he began working with the Belic brothers, who helped to guide him on his path to success. While attending University, Nolan created two short films and upon graduating earned his first proper job in the industry,

Unfortunately, the British film industry lacked support for Christopher and his vision. So, for his first feature length film, he and friends funded and shot the entire piece. Receiving high praise at a few film festivals and from popular news outlets, Following, is credited as Nolan’s first major success in film. As he continued following his passion, he began making a name for himself by catching the eyes of notable producers who wanted him to direct their films.

Nolan officially made a name for himself by reviving the Batman franchise. Leading a star-studded cast through the first installment, Batman Begins, he began his rise to the top of the list of Hollywood directors. Nolan helped the Batman legacy live on through his creation of The Dark Knight. The movie earned two Oscars and huge praise from audiences and peers alike. Besides his thriving success in the Batman franchise, Nolan’s innovation is also behind blockbuster hits such as Inception and Interstellar.

Christopher Nolan creates films that capture audience’s attention in the most unique of ways. His unconventional means for sharing a character’s story is what has put him at the forefront of the industry. Stemming from humble beginnings, Nolan has set the bar high or many directors and screenwriters to come. His original outlook on the film industry is what sets him apart and makes him one of the greatest film professionals to come from the U.K.